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Two Healers, a Brighter Tomorrow - FIND ME IN THE STARS

 “Larimore's ability to engulf a reader into a tale... is brilliantly done.” —5-star Highly Recommended Award of Excellence ~ Historical Fiction Company

Find Me in the Stars by Jules Larimore

Separated by miles, connected by the stars, two healers forge their destinies in a quest for a brighter tomorrow.

Inspired by a true story, this refugee's tale of sacrifice, separation, and abiding love unfolds in the Cévennes Mountains of Languedoc, France, 1697. A sweeping adventure during the time of Louis XIV's oppressive rule and persecutions, this compelling narrative follows the intertwined destinies of two remarkable protagonists, Amelia Auvrey, a mystic holy-woman healer, and Jehan BonDurant, an apothecary from a noble Huguenot family, in a riveting tale of enduring love, faith, and the search for light in the darkest of times.


Amelia and Jehan are fierce champions of tolerance and compassion in their cherished Cévenole homeland, a region plagued by renewed persecution of Huguenots. The escalated danger forces their paths to diverge, each embarking on their own dangerous journey toward survival and freedom. The Knights Hospitaller provide protection and refuge for Amelia and her ailing sage-femme grandmother, even as they come under suspicion of practicing witchcraft. And, to avoid entanglement in a brewing rebellion, Jehan joins a troupe of refugees who flee to the Swiss Cantons seeking sanctuary—a journey that challenges his faith and perseverance. Jehan arrives to find things are not as he expected; the Swiss have their own form of intolerance, and soon immigrants are no longer welcome. The utopian Eden he seeks remains elusive until he learns of a resettlement project in the New World. 

During their time apart, Amelia and Jehan rely on a network of booksellers to smuggle secret letters to each other—until the letters mysteriously cease, casting doubt on their future together. Jehan is unclear if Amelia will commit to joining him, or if she will hold fast to her vow of celibacy and remain in the Cévennes. Seemingly ill-fated from the start, their love is tested to its limits as they are forced to navigate a world where uncertainty and fear threaten to eclipse their unwavering bond.

As a stand-alone sequel to the award-winning The Muse of Freedom, a bestseller in Renaissance Fiction, Find Me in the Stars is based on true events in the life of Jean Pierre Bondurant dit Cougoussac--an unforgettable adventure where love and light endure against all odds.

This title will be available on #KindleUnlimited.

Meet the Author

Jules Larimore is the author of emotive, literary-leaning historical fiction with a dose of magic, myth, and romance to bring to life hopeful human stories and inspire positive change. She is a member of France’s Splendid Centuries authors’ collaborative, a board member of the Historical Novel Society of Southern California, and lives primarily in Ojai with time spent around the U.S. and Europe gathering a rich repository of historical research in a continued search for authenticity.



Book Title: Find Me in the Stars

Series: a Cévenoles Sagas novel - Book Two in the Huguenot Trilogy

Author: Jules Larimore

Publication Date: March 20th, 2024

Publisher: Mystic Lore Books

Page Length: 328

Genre: Renaissance Historical Fiction / Women’s Fiction



Book One in the Huguenot Trilogy

“AN ENGROSSING STORY about fiercely independent people... This ABSORBING TALE of religious strife creates a vivid world that will draw readers in... ”

~ Kirkus Review

"BRILLIANTLY TOLD. A story that will stick with you long after you've turned the last page. FRESH AND COMPELLING. As relevant now as it was then."

~ Janet Wertman, author of the Seymour Saga trilogy

"Larimore's LUSH, VIBRANT PROSE and SHARP EYE FOR HISTORICAL DETAIL at once transported me back to Occitan haunts and castles. A must-read for anyone who loves novels set in that alluring region of southern France."

~ Glen Craney, author of The Fire and the Light

"This story WILL CAPTURE YOU and not let go. History and DEFTLY-CRAFTED STORYTELLING rolled into one."

~ Rozsa Gaston, author of the Anne of Brittany Series

“WONDROUS FIRST NOVEL. Jules is an alchemist, drawing on the poetic power of words, assembling a colorful combination of characters to authentically explore the landscape of the human heart; its yearnings, boundaries, expectations and limitations.”

~ Elijah Alexander, actor (Atticus Aemillius on The Chosen TV series)

CHARACTERS ARE WELL-DEVELOPED AND LIKABLE, forming easy connections with the reader, and the structure... FLOWS BRILLIANTLY, providing a well-defined combination of history and escape... themes of love and acceptance stream through, along with a very enjoyable depiction of noble and rural life in 17th century France. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

~ Historical Fiction Company, five star award of excellence

“COMPELLING CHARACTERS... thought-provoking themes of religious freedom, love and loyalty, incredible fortitude, and courage in the face of persecution.”

~ Reader’s Favorite five-star review


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