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A MAN OF LEGEND by Linda Broday - A Reader's Opinion

A MAN OF LEGEND by Linda Broday

A Reader's Opinion

A Man of Legend is a worthy installment for the Legend legacy of Texas ranchers, lawmen, and rebels.

From page one, the reader is met with a taste of the romance, action, and touches of adventure they can expect to carry them through to the end.

Crockett Legend (what a cool name) and Paisley Mahone (another cool name) have plenty of chemistry. Unfortunately, they also have a history, and there's the whole matter about arrests, murder, and crushing dreams . . . but don't worry, it's all good. The author did a great job making these two work for their happily-ever-after and managed to do so with just the right amount of drama and action.

There is a lot of dreaming going on by multiple characters, but the dreams of Crockett and Paisley are front and center as they work to navigate rebuilding trust, balancing what they each want in life, and finding a way back to each other in person and love.

Touches of humor are interspersed to balance out the more serious moments. One thing in common among those living on Lone Star Ranch is the ability to see as much of the positive in life as possible, even when it seems impossible. Lone Star is the kind of place a person wants to visit, if only to meet the wonderful people who live there.

This reader recommends A Man of Legend for those who enjoy historical western romances with a combination of light and serious tones, and where the intimate details are not overdone. Linda Broday knows how to deliver an entertaining story!


A Man of Legend

Bestselling author Linda Broday sweeps readers back to the wild and untamed West, where men became the stuff of legend, with:

Two young lovers ripped apart

A family feud turned deadly

A secret waiting to be unearthed

And a passion no one could ever deny

Crockett Legend has always loved Paisley Mahone, but a family feud sure can ruin a romance. When her father turned against the powerful Legend clan, she took her family's side and broke Crockett's heart into pieces. Now her father's dead and Paisley and her last remaining brother are convinced the Legends are to blame.

If only he can find a way to prove his innocence...

A chance meeting throws the two warring hearts together, and when their train is held up by outlaws, Crockett and Paisley have to team up to save a young boy from dying. A tenuous truce is born. Together they may have a chance of bringing the truth to light...if they can get to the bottom of who's been trying to turn the two powerful families against each other. With so many secrets to unbury, it isn't long before Paisley finds herself in the crosshairs, but Crockett vows there'll be hell to pay if anyone hurts the woman he loves—or stands in the way of a Legend in the making.


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Genre: Historical Western Romance

Release: March 29, 2022

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Format Read: E-Book

Source: Provided by the author or publisher via NetGalley

Content Rating: 4 Hearts - We're getting hot in here! These characters know how to have a good time. Lucky for us, they don't go into too much detail.

NOTE: Ratings are only provided for content (sex, violence, language, etc.). We do not give star ratings on this blog, though reviewers may do so on retail outlets and Goodreads. We review and share only those books we have enjoyed and think others will enjoy, too. Learn more.

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